Antimicrobials in Food 4th Edition [Book]

Originally Published: October 6, 2020
Last Updated: February 4, 2021
Antimicrobials in Food 4th Ed. 2020

As written in the Preface of the 4th edition of Antimicrobials in Food, “It has been nearly 15 years since the publication of the 3rd edition of Antimicrobials in Food, an excellent reference for the food microbiologist, food safety specialist, industrial researcher, and student alike… This 4th edition comes about in a time of great change within the food industry, driven in large part by consumer purchasing trends demanding foods with fewer traditional additives, including antimicrobials, as well as foods processed so as to retain a greater fresh-like character during the food’s shelf-life.  See ordering information including a discount code below.

Compared to 2005, consumer purchase trends are apparently more influenced by numerous considerations, including budgetary restrictions, labeling claims regarding whether a food is “Clean,” “Natural,” “Organic,” “Raised Without Antibiotics,” or any of a number of others. The popularity of differing social media applications and networks also contributes to a consumer’s decision on whether to purchase and consume a particular food product or brand versus another.

This latest update addresses these and a number of other concerns.”

Published in 2020 by CRC Press and edited by P. Michael Davidson, T. Matthew Taylor and Jairus R.D. David, more information on the book, its topics and numerous contributors can be viewed by clicking on this PDF overview.

To order either the 832-page hardcover and/or ebook versions, click here: Antimicrobials in Food, 4th Edition. The publisher provides more information including a discount code.