Top 10 Most Influential Natural Food Trends

Originally Published: May 24, 2015
Last Updated: February 10, 2021
Ketogenic low carb diet dinner grilled salmon, avocado, broccoli, green bean and soft boiled egg in ceramic bowl over grey spotted background

May 24, 2015 – Natural Products Expos and NEXT Trend released a top ten list of most influential natural food and beverage trends for 2015. This is their list below, but with added comments from the Heart’s Kitchen is a Creative Culinary Agency on these trends are shaping the natural food industry. Global Food Forums(GFF) has posted it in that at least three of the trends support #2 Paleo (Protein Trends & Technologies Seminar) and # 7.Clean, simple ingredients (Clean Label Conference).

10 Most Influential Natural Food & Beverage Trends for 2015

1.Protein: But not just from animals. Plant proteins, even insect proteins, are becoming sought after. And for animal proteins, exotic is in, as millennials are seeking new, surprising flavors and foods. See the Heart Kitchen’s our post on Boomers vs. Millennial Food Trends.
2.Paleo: And so it continues. A title that people are clinging to while being rather loose with their personal interpretations of the diet. Expect to continue to hear this buzzword often, at least through the year until the next hot trend hits the market.
3.Mission: Storytelling and tugging at people’s hearts is a key marketing strategy this year, so more food and beverage companies are promoting their mission and philanthropic efforts to gain trust and brand loyalty with social conscious consumers.
4.Hipster: Ancient healing herbs and spices are gaining new attention as people look to natural foods as medicine. 5.Coconut: Not new to the healthy foodie market, but coconut is popping up in a variety of interesting ways that continues to keep consumers interest peaked. From oil to sugar to water to yogurt to milk, the possibilities for it’s use are becoming endless.
6.Probiotics: With the microbiome research hitting the media, health conscious consumers are exploring the best ways to improve their gut bacteria with foods and beverages.
7.Clean, simple ingredients: People want to cook more but are feeling busier than ever. That’s why the recipes featuring fewer ingredients and quicker methods are topping the charts. But an easier recipe to execute is actually a much more difficult recipe to create because you’re relying on just a few items and not a long time to develop that same level of complex, interesting flavors people expect.
8.Vegan: While not a large percentage of the population is vegan, or even vegetarian for that matter, an increasing percentage of Americans are choosing to eat vegan or vegetarian more often throughout the week.
9.Local: Don’t be surprised to see restaurant menus listing the source of their meats, dairy, and bread. Packaging of natural food products are also beginning to promote the local ingredients used as well as single-origin ingredients. Pitch Dark Chocolate in Portland, OR, for example, is crafting bars, each from a single-origin cocoa plantation.
10.Water +: Since coconut water hit the $1 billion beverage category, natural food and beverage producers are scrambling to be the next enhanced water source. Look out for maple water, artichoke water, cactus water, and more.

Natural Food Trends 2015 Update — Heart’s Kitchen is a Creative Culinary Agency. (May 20, 2015)