2021 Clean Label Premium Webinar

Originally Published: August 31, 2021
Last Updated: September 23, 2021
2021 Clean Label Premium Webinar

Clean label products have short, simple ingredient lists that consumers recognize and generally come from natural sources. “Clean label” has grown to include concepts such as plant-based and ingredients perceived as healthier for the individual and for the planet. Global Food Forums’ 2021 Clean Label Premium Webinar will provide product developers new insights into consumer attitudes towards ingredients and health. It assists in the formulation of such clean label products by providing impartial, non-commercial information on colorants and hydrocolloids. More to be announced!

Technical Solutions in Formulating Clean Label Foods

Thursday, October 7, 2021   11:00am CDT

11:00am – 11:05am


Consumer Attitudes Towards Food Ingredients: A Changing Landscape

Anthony Flood

Anthony Flood

Senior Director, Food Ingredient Communications, International Food Information Council (IFIC)

Consumer perceptions about the healthfulness and safety of additives and other food components are a major driving force in the formulation of products. Backed by a foundation of insights acquired from over 30 years of IFIC consumer research, this presentation delves into some of the latest survey results on consumer attitudes toward food, food ingredients and health. You may be surprised on what’s trending up, what’s trending down and despite the turmoil of the last two years, what’s changed very little.

Tips & Tradeoffs when Formulating with Hydrocolloids

Nesha Zalesny, MBA

Nesha Zalesny, MBA

Technical Consultant, IMR International

It’s often said that “taste is king,” but foods will be quickly rejected if their texture is found unacceptable. This jam-packed presentation looks at key concepts in selecting hydrocolloids. The discussion includes the basic properties of hydrocolloid texture (i.e., fluid and gel) and their interactions with other food components and each other. Other considerations impacting their use from pH to processing to price will be considered while the practical aspects of stability and shelf life will be touched on. The presentation ends with a list of “tips and tradeoffs” in hydrocolloid use.

Natural Colorants: The Opportunities and Challenges In Using Them Successfully 

Winston Boyd, Ph.D.

Winston Boyd, Ph.D.

Principal Consultant and Owner, Earthwise Technologies

We understand that consumer preferences and expectations related to appearance are driven in part by color.  Color also provides an indication as to the taste, quality and even safety of the foods we eat.  It can create an emotional connection such as when color aligns with expectations of familial or seasonal food favorites.  This presentation presents a case analysis of three common but sometimes difficult to solve coloring use challenges. The audience will be offered suggestions on what should be considered and what could be done to address these issues.

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