2022 Clean Label Conference-Day 1 Program (May 24)

Originally Published: February 4, 2022
Last Updated: August 25, 2022
2022 Clean Label Conference-in-person
The 8th in-person 2022 Clean Label Conference will be held at the Westin NW Hotel, Itasca, Illinois (near O’Hare International Airport). Sessions specifically targeting sugar and salt reduction are on Day 2. Presentations that include information on product and consumer trends, ingredients, and formulations relevant to the development of plant-based foods and beverages are marked by a leaf.  2022 Clean Label Conference leaf icon

The Day 1, May 24th program appears on this page. Click on the “Day 2, May 25” button below to access that day’s program. Scroll to the bottom of this page to access the complete program in a condensed, printable form.

May 23, 2022


Registration & Badge Pickup for the 2022 Clean Label Conference

May  24,2022


Registration & Badge Pickup for the 2022 Clean Label Conference


Continental Breakfast




Rachel Cheatham, Ph.D.

Rachel Cheatham, Ph.D.

Founder & CEO, Foodscape Group, LLC

Unpacking the Ever-Evolving Narrative of Clean Eating in Order to Inform Innovation 2022 Clean Label Conference leaf icon

Abstract: As highly restrictive diets fall from popularity and flexitarian-inspired eating patterns take hold, consumers are left to ponder what matters most to them in their food and beverage choices. From nutrition to functional ingredients to packaging sustainability, the discourse about clean eating and purported goals of clean labeling is rapidly evolving. Add in the ongoing effects of a global pandemic, and the social dialogue about food, health, and the planet becomes one replete with facts, fiction, and contradictions. Join Dr. Rachel Cheatham from Foodscape Group for guidance on how to best navigate the continuing evolution of clean eating with an eye towards better new product innovation.


Chip English

Chip English

Partner-in-Charge, Washington D.C., Davis Wright Tremaine

Clean Label Opportunities & Challenges Arising from Innovative Products and Claims       2022 Clean Label Conference leaf icon

Creative new products and product claims wishing to communicate a food or beverage’s benefits to consumers often are crucial elements for marketplace success. Due to complex and evolving regulations and private party litigation, R&D staffs should consult regulatory experts early in the product development process to minimize risk and increase development efficiencies. To help clarify concerns, this presentation provides an overview of pitfalls and opportunities when striving to take maximum advantage of an innovative product or claim. It will examine whether there is a common understanding of permissible evolving claims and who within the legal system decides. What issues arise when striving to substantiate these claims? Recent legal challenges to products entering the market will give insights into limiting risks (and gain rewards).


Morning Networking Break & Tabletop Exhibits


Paulo de Boer, Ph.D.

Paulo de Boer, Ph.D.

Scientist/Project Manager, Wageningen Food & Biobased Research

Powering the Evolution of Fermentation Processing    2022 Clean Label Conference leaf icon

Abstract: Consumer interest in naturally produced ingredients, foods and sustainable production has led to re-examining the age-old fermentation process. Fermentation is an increasingly sophisticated tool to create desirable organoleptic, nutritional and functional food product attributes. Examples include flavor creation, from specific molecules to compound flavor blocks such as “sweet-and-sour” and sugar reduction by converting sugars into low-calorie sweeteners or food proteins into sweet peptides. Fermentation also will help drive the transition from animal to alternative protein sources in several ways. Other uses include extending the storage of fresh crops and food processing side streams and the natural vitamin enrichment of plant-based protein products. Attendees will discover the status of this technology in various applications and the major challenges for development and implementation. As one example of advances with this technology, a new fast and efficient screening approach enabling the development of plant-based foods by using a miniaturized version of the product will be touched on.

May 24, 2022
11:30am – 12:25pm

Technology Snapshots    2022 Clean Label Conference leaf icon

The Clean Label Conference Technology Snapshots breakout sessions are 15-minute ingredient supplier presentations on the technical benefits of their new “clean label” ingredient. They provide R&D with useful, hard-to-obtain technical information. All 24 presentations are chosen by an independent Advisory Panel, all with experience in product development and degrees in Food Science or Biochemistry. For more information on how these are chosen, start with an overview.


Barrington Room

SimPure Soluble Rice Fiber

Soluble Rice Flour is an innovative (non-GMO) ingredient addressing an industry need of identifying label-friendly alternatives to maltodextrin. It has displayed excellent functionality when replacing maltodextrin in many applications including snacks, flavor, and culinary.

Carlyle Room

Fruit Up™ Fruit Syrup

Fruit Up™ is a unique nutritive sweetener that comes from a blend of carob and apples. With its clean tasting, low-glycemic index, and clear “fruit syrup” label, Fruit Up™ is an ideal solution.


Edwardian Room

DuraShield™ Food Protection Blends

DuraShield™ Food Protection Blends are scientifically proven to improve shelf life by combining natural antioxidant products with antimicrobials. They provide a cleaner, consumer-preferred label solution for a multitude of food protection needs.

Alton Room

Galdieria Blue

Galdieria Blue Extract is an acid-stable natural blue color that is gently extracted from sustainably grown microalgae. This new phycocyanin source finally provides stable blues, purples, and greens for low pH beverage and confection applications.


Barrington Room

Citri-Fi® Citrus Fiber-MC Free

Create methylcellulose-free meat substitutes using the new Citri-Fi® TX20 texturizing citrus fiber in user-friendly clean label systems containing potato or canola protein to create meat-like texture, succulence and hot bite in meat alternative products.

Carlyle Room

Saphera Fiber Beta-Galactosidase Enzyme
Novozyme N.A.

What if you could achieve 25% less sugar in your dairy products, AND an additional claim of good source of fiber without adding fiber ingredients to dairy formulas? Novozymes Sapher. Fiber delivers this for you!

Edwardian Room

SEAFLOUR™ Natural Seaweed

SEAFLOUR™ is the best in class clean label solution provided by IFF, is minimally processed, and adds natural functionality to protein-based beverage applications. It can be listed as “natural seaweed” on the ingredient statement of package label.

Alton Room


GNT launches EXBERRY® Compound Autumn Red, an encapsulated fat powder, that transforms the color shift desired in plant-based meat alternatives during cooking using clean, simple ingredients of vegetable juice and vegetable oil.


Barrington Room

Puratein® C & Puratein® G Non-GMO Canola Protein
Merit Functional Foods

Merit’s Puratein® C and Puratein® G are non-GMO canola proteins with superior nutrition and functionality.  With 90% protein, these products deliver functional benefits in products ranging from plant-based baking, meat alternatives, dairy alternatives and nutritional beverages.

Carlyle Room

EverSweet® stevia sweetener and ClearFlo™ natural flavor

EverSweet™ stevia sweetener + ClearFlo™ natural flavor is the only label-friendly ingredient on the market that can address solubility and dissolution limitations of stevia and provide unparalleled sensory benefits including sugar-like sweetness quality and taste modulation.

Edwardian Room


inavea™ baobab acacia is an organic synergistic formulation with proven prebiotic effects offering high digestive comfort. All-natural, it is the first ingredient with a carbon neutral footprint. Easy-to-use in powders, bars, dairy products or beverages.

Alton Room

NOVATION® LUMINA Functional Native Rice Starches

NOVATION® LUMINA 8300/8600 are high-performance clean label texturizers designed specifically to let the natural flavors and colors of all applications shine through. Meet consumer demands without compromising on product attributes.


Lunch Break & Tabletop Exhibits


Nesha Zalesny, MBA

Nesha Zalesny, MBA

Technical Consultant, IMR International

Understanding Hydrocolloid Properties to Tackle Supply Chain Instability  2022 Clean Label Conference leaf icon

Abstract: As an ingredient class, hydrocolloids prove themselves exceedingly useful in a range of applications. Both established ingredient workhorses and new market entries provide needed technical attributes in formulations from beverages to baked goods, and frozen desserts to new plant-based alternatives.­­ This presentation provides an update on the current supply chain availability of several key hydrocolloids. It then delves into technical and rheological properties to explain why they are hard to replace, but also offers strategies to consider when alternatives must be considered.


M. Mónica Giusti, Ph.D

M. Mónica Giusti, Ph.D

Distinguished Professor, Dept. Food Science and Technology, The Ohio State University

The State of Natural Colorants: Applications Advice to Updates on Recent Research  2022 Clean Label Conference leaf icon

Abstract: “You eat with your eyes.” This saying expresses the importance of a food’s appearance, with color often crucial. Consumers are increasingly turning towards natural colors in their foods, mainly from fruit and vegetable sources, but their optimal use in formulated foods and beverages becomes challenging. Often using anthocyanins as an example, this presentation looks at the properties of natural colorants and significant issues with their application. This includes their compatibility with the matrix, the challenges of reproducing the desired hues and shades, their stability, and how to approach these challenges. It then investigates the few new-to-the-category ingredients, with a look into future colorant research.“  


Afternoon Networking Break & Tabletop Exhibits


Julia Thompson

Julia Thompson

Culinologist III, CuliNex, LLC

Practical Formulation with Plant-Based Technologies  2022 Clean Label Conference leaf icon

Abstract: With the double-digit growth of plant-based foods in the marketplace, product developers find themselves needing to source and master the newest technologies to develop plant-based food products. Join Julia Thompson, Culinologist III at CuliNex, a food product development consultancy firm, as she shares her practical application experience formulating with a broad selection of emerging plant-based ingredients. The seminar will explore the building blocks of plant-based meat analogs from protein, color, flavorings, and hydrocolloid ingredients, as well as the emerging process methods that deliver exceptional sensory characteristics to meet increasing consumer expectations for plant-based products.


Sean B. Cash, Ph.D.

Sean B. Cash, Ph.D.

Bergstrom Foundation Professor in Global Nutrition, Friedman School of Nutrition Science and Policy, Tufts University

Facets of Sustainability: How Food Companies Can Measure and Communicate Progress to Consumers  2022 Clean Label Conference leaf icon

Abstract: The success of companies in enhancing the sustainability of their products and food systems, and to communicate their efforts to consumers, depends on understanding not just their own product but also consumers’ response to changing information and trends. This presentation looks at hot topics in the sustainability arena including bioengineered foods and the use of Super Labels to convey information, the topic of “greenwashing,” and metrics that arise from tools such as product life cycle assessment (LCA). Thought-provoking observations on sustainability trade-offs will be examined, and the potential benefits of cellular agriculture and other new technology trends will be explored.  Attendees will gain a better understanding of their company’s opportunities to contribute to and benefit from participating in efforts to create a more sustainable food supply.


Evening Reception
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