2022 Clean Label Conference – Day 2 Program (May 25)

Originally Published: February 10, 2022
Last Updated: May 20, 2022
2022 Clean Label Conference-in-person

The 8th in-person 2022 Clean Label Conference will be held at the Westin NW Hotel, Itasca, Illinois (near O’Hare International Airport). Sessions specifically targeting sugar and salt reduction are on Day 2. Presentations that include information on product and consumer trends, ingredients, and formulations relevant to the development of plant-based foods and beverages are marked by a leaf. 2022 Clean Label Conference leaf icon    The Day 2, May 25th program is offered below. Click on the “Day 1, May 24” button below to access that day’s program. 

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May 25, 2022 


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Continental Breakfast




Alex Woo, Ph.D.

Alex Woo, Ph.D.

CEO and Founder, W2O Food Innovation

Sodium Reduction Using Clean Label Salty, Umami and Kokumi Taste Modulation    2022 Clean Label Conference leaf icon

Abstract:  Clean label taste modulation is a growing field. It involves changing and adjusting basic taste perceptions with plant-based or other ingredients considered clean label by consumers. This presentation begins with a look at saltiness modulation, which consists of four mechanisms including surface area alteration. Umami modulation also is accomplished by four different methods of which combining basal and synergistic umami is one example. Kokumi, the enhanced impression of richness and mouthfeel, comes from the potent tripeptide Glutamyl-Valyl-Glycine. The session concludes with Stacking, a clean label salt and MSG reduction strategy that blends these three types of savory ingredients to make foods salty, rich and delicious.


John C. Fry, Ph.D

John C. Fry, Ph.D

CChem, FRSC, FIFST, Director, Connect Consulting

Beyond Stevia: Are Protein Sweeteners the Next Big Thing?    2022 Clean Label Conference leaf icon

Abstract: Protein high-potency sweeteners (HPS) are receiving increased attention. Over the years eight, structurally unrelated natural proteins have been proposed as potential HPS: thaumatin, brazzein, monellin, pentadin, mabinlin, miraculin, neoculin and lysozyme. To these can be added non-nature-identical “designer” protein sweeteners now under development. Currently, only thaumatin is a successful, if niche, commercial ingredient. This talk will examine critically the extent to which any of these compounds meets all the requirements of a practical sweetening agent, including safety, taste performance and processability. Possible winners will be identified.


Morning Networking Break & Tabletop Exhibits


David Plank

David Plank

Managing Principal, WRSS Food & Nutrition Insights / Sr. Research Fellow, Dept. of Food Science and Nutrition, U. of Minnesota

Labeling Fiber & Sugar: Maximizing Clean Label Advantages, Minimizing Class Action and Recall Risk    2022 Clean Label Conference leaf icon

Abstract: Populations that consume more dietary fibers and less sugars have a lower prevalence of chronic diseases such as cancer and diabetes. In response, the FDA has developed new labeling regulations designed to increase the appeal of foods higher in dietary fibers and lower in sugars. These foods, for example, those that fit ketogenic and low carb diets, have increased market share. This presentation will discuss labeling requirements for dietary fibers and sugars under the new regulations. When done correctly, commercial advantages can result. Done incorrectly, significant business risks may occur. Common assumptions and mistakes in food labeling resulting in class action lawsuits and competitor legal action for misbranding will be presented. New food ingredients and process aids, such as enzymes, consistent with clean labeling and achieving a healthier food product, will be reviewed.


Technology Snapshots   2022 Clean Label Conference leaf icon

The Clean Label Conference Technology Snapshots breakout sessions are 15-minute ingredient supplier presentations on the technical benefits of their new “clean label” ingredient. They provide R&D with useful, hard-to-obtain technical information. All 24 presentations are chosen by an independent Advisory Panel, all with experience in product development and degrees in Food Science or Biochemistry. For more information on how these are chosen, start with an overview.


Barrington Room

Bay State Milling

HealthSense® high fiber flour delivers flour functionality with prebiotic fiber benefits to wheat flour food applications. It enables fiber claims without fiber additives in foods consumers love to eat. It is cost-effective and label friendly.

Carlyle Room

NUTRAVA® Citrus Fiber
CP Kelco

As the clean label megatrend strengthens, for F&B manufacturers NUTRAVA® Citrus Fiber serves as a unique solution providing both nutritional benefits and distinctive rheological properties in various applications, while meeting clean label needs.

Edwardian Room

VegStable® Plus – Rice Bran Extract
Florida Food Products

VegStable® Plus is a natural phosphate replacer designed for meat and poultry products. It increases yield, improves texture and binding like synthetic phosphates, without compromising the product quality or flavor attributes.

Alton Room

NuXtend preservative
NuTek Natural Ingredients

Make a Clean Swap – NuXtend, a clean label, plant-based shelf-life extender is effective in controlling yeast and mold with the same functionality and ease of use as chemical preservatives.


Barrington Room

Solnul™ RS2-Resistant Potato Starch

Solnul™ RS2 is a whole-food source, unmodified, low-allergen and well-tolerated prebiotic resistant starch ingredient derived from upcycled potatoes. Support microbiome health in supplement, functional food, and beverage applications with the ultimate clean label ingredient.

Carlyle Room

Arrabina™ Fiber
Comet Bio

With its excellent solubility, stability in solution, and superior tolerability, Arrabina™ offers an easy way for supplement, food, and beverage makers to create delicious products while strengthening their nutrition labels and sustainability claims.

Edwardian Room

Fonterra SureProtein Functional Performer Milk Protein Conc. 4881

More protein, less ingredients – what more could you want to simplify labels and boost beverage nutrition? NZMP SureProtein™ Functional performer Milk Protein Concentrate 4881 delivers just that, plus complementary grass fed and sustainability claims.

Alton Room

Sensient Flavors

In today’s food and beverage market, texture and mouthfeel play a big role as purchase drivers. TrueBoost provides an enhanced flavor profile that delivers positive Milky, Fatty, Sweet Aromatics, and Creamy mouthfeel notes, and reduces undesirable aftertaste.


Barrington Room

Fermotein-fermented protein®
The Protein Brewery

Looking for a sustainable, affordable, bland, boring, yet complete protein high in fiber? The Protein Brewery introduces Fermotein®, an innovative fermented plant protein, to help meet your development needs.

Carlyle Room

SowNaked™ Oats
Bay State Milling

SowNaked™ gluten free oats are a sustainable source of nutrition and functionality. With 40% more protein, 50% fewer carbon emissions than traditional oats and a sweet, toasted flavor, SowNaked oats will transform your oat-based formulations.

Edwardian Room

CP Kelco

Eliminate (significantly lower) locust bean gum or other viscosity modifiers in plant-based dairy alternative beverages with a single ingredient that can deliver on suspension and viscosity.

Alton Room

Rhovanil Natural Vanillin

Meet your Vanilla Flavoring needs with Rhovanil Natural CW, a Global Natural Vanillin made from a Non GMO GMM bioconversion process. Rhovanil Natural CW will simplify your label and R&D time.


 Lunch and Tabletop Exhibits


Keith Cadwallader, Ph.D

Keith Cadwallader, Ph.D

Dept. of Food Science & Human Nutrition, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Considerations in Natural Flavoring Use in a Clean Label World    2022 Clean Label Conference leaf icon

Abstract: In most cases, flavor is the primary determinant of consumers’ enjoyment and, ultimately, acceptance of food. Going to great lengths to create food products with desirable flavor attributes, companies often achieved this by the judicious use of natural and/or artificial flavorings. The clean label environment has caused the food and flavor industries to rethink using and labeling ingredients. Even the phrase “contains natural flavors” is not always considered positive in consumers’ minds since it indicates that a foreign ingredient has been added. In extreme cases, when it is desired to declare only ingredients considered wholesome by the clean label-conscious consumer, one must find alternative approaches to generate, enhance, or otherwise impart flavor to the product. This talk discusses effective ways to achieve optimal flavor in a clean label world.


Brief Stretching Break and Stage Set Up for the Application Insights Panel


Application Insights Panel


Lindsay Wisener, MSc

Lindsay Wisener, MSc

Owner & Lead Product Developer, WiseBev

Technical Challenges of Alternative Dairy Beverages + A Comment on Botanicals    2022 Clean Label Conference leaf icon

Some consumers consider plant-based drinks a direct substitute for milk. However, their formulation and processing present unique challenges. Factors such as plant source, fat and protein levels, and the addition of consumer desired components mean processing parameters must be adjusted and perhaps stabilizers required. This presentation presents examples of common to unexpected complications in developing alternative dairy products and suggests successful resolutions. It touches briefly on the growing interest in beverages containing botanicals and nutraceutical ingredients traditionally used in dietary supplements.


Malcond Valladares, Ph.D.

Malcond Valladares, Ph.D.

Food Scientist, Product and Process Development, The National Food Lab, Inc.

Considerations for Selecting and Evaluating Clean-Label Antimicrobial Ingredients for Salad Dressings 

Abstract: Clean label products are developed to address consumers’ demand for thoughtfully crafted products made with natural, easily recognizable ingredients. However, meeting this demand limits the use of many solutions used by product developers to address microbial stability and safety challenges. This presentation will focus on aspects to consider when developing non-thermally treated acidified salad dressings and potential strategies when formulating clean-label salad dressings. The discussion will focus on selecting potential natural antimicrobial ingredients and evaluating their antimicrobial performance in such food product applications. Key learnings include: Understanding the regulatory framework around salad dressing; Potential antimicrobial ingredients used to overcome microbial contamination challenges in clean-label salad dressing applications; Current limitations of antimicrobial ingredients available in the market; and, Microbial challenge studies for validation of antimicrobial efficacy.


Jonathan Gordon, Ph.D., Founder and President of Glasgow Consulting Group LLC

Jonathan Gordon, Ph.D., Founder and President of Glasgow Consulting Group LLC

 A Food Scientist’s Role in Advancing Clean Labels and Sustainable Food Systems

Abstract: This presentation looks at how the food industry arrived at a place where a “Clean Label” conference is needed. It further offers insights into food scientists’ role in feeding our planet’s seven billion people and providing foods with optimal health benefits. A key focus will be on the use of physical processes to avoid using non label-friendly ingredients.


Application Insights—Panel Q&A


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