2018 Clean Label Ingredion Texture Workshop

Originally Published: August 7, 2018
Last Updated: February 4, 2021
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March 26, 2018 Clean Label Ingredion Texture Workshop
2018 Clean Label Conference

Eating is a Multi-Sensory and Cultural Experience
Consumers Eat with All Senses


Join Ingredion, TIC Gums and Kerr Concentrates for an in-depth training on creating appealing textures that extend from the label to the last bite. A Clean Label Ingredion Texture Workshop will begin this year’s event with its pre-conference program.  With senses and values driving liking and repeat purchase, creating textures that appeal makes sense on every level. Dive into our consumer, sensory and product development insights to reveal the network of clean label solutions and systems that makes texture stand-out when eating with all senses.

The workshop will include demonstrations, a panel discussion and more.


Welcome & Introduction to the Ingredion Family of Companies

•  Pat O’Brien, Senior Marketing Manager, Wholesome Springboard – Ingredion

With more than 100 years of developing plant-based ingredients, we have a deep understanding of what they can do and how—and we are constantly innovating new and better ways to deliver the wholesome products consumers enjoy and feel good about purchasing.

We pioneered the clean label movement 20 years ago with our clean label NOVATION® functional native starches. Now, we offer full lines of sweeteners, nutritional ingredients, pulse-based flours and proteins, nature-based emulsifiers and non-GMO ingredients. In conjunction with our formulation expertise, they allow you to offer clean-label products with functionalities hard to imagine 20 years ago. With our recent acquisitions of TIC Gums and Kerr Concentrates, Inc. we are now proud to bring you hydrocolloids and juices and extracts from over 32 fruits and 12 vegetables, expanding the nature-based flavors and colors you can deliver in your products. And we’re working across the spectrum of science and materials to help you bring even more enticing gifts from nature to consumers.

Clean & Simple

• Pat O’Brien, Senior Marketing Manager, Wholesome Springboard – Ingredion
• Sharon Chittkusol, Associate Marketing Manager, Wholesome Springboard – Ingredion

What do those terms really mean, and how can you make them add value?
“Clean label” and “simple label” are terms we hear used every day in our industry, yet most consumers have never heard of them. The trend toward clean and simple is now global and a major challenge for processed food manufacturers, but the indicators used to analyze the trend can be misleading. Drawing on deep consumer and manufacturer research, this talk addresses what “clean label” and “simple label” really mean for consumers, how the two terms differ, and how we can most effectively market them.

Clean Label and Non-GM Starches & Flours: Ingredient solutions for high quality texture and stability

• Jinat Mansuri, Project Leader, Technical Service – Ingredion

Give your products the texture and process tolerance performance of a modified starch with a clean label alternative. Our portfolio of clean label NOVATION® functional native starches and HOMECRAFT® multi-functional flours lets you formulate on-trend, clean label products rich in texture and taste – with the shelf life stability you need –across a broad range of applications.

Reliable Gums for Great Products

•  Dan Grazaitis, Applications Manager – TIC Gums

Learn how to add indulgent mouthfeel, build viscosity, enhance texture and, increase stability with the right selection of gum or combination of gums. Many gums are derived from natural sources like seeds, saps and seaweed and are excellent options for clean and simple labels the industry is seeking. The talk will cover how to get the best functionality while meeting your label preference and will feature hands-on case studies.

Capture the essence of nature with fruit and vegetable juices, purees, essences and distillates

• Callie Gunnet, Technical Services Representative – Kerr Concentrates

Global Food Forums is pleased to offer the Clean Label Ingredion Texture Workshop as part of the 2018 Clean Label Conference.