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Originally Published: May 19, 2021
Last Updated: October 7, 2022
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Welcome to the Clean Label Conference Library. This section provides free access to valuable Clean Label Conference speaker presentations and magazines offering post-conference summaries. Please scroll down to access the 2022 Clean Label Conference speaker and Technology Snapshot session presentations.

A Protein Trends & Technologies Library and Sweetener Systems Library that provide access to summaries and presentations from past seminars and conferences are also available. Please explore Global Food Forums’ upcoming product development conferences.

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2022 Clean Label Conference

Unpacking the Ever-Evolving Narrative of Clean Eating in Order to Inform InnovationRachel Cheatham, Ph.D., Founder & CEO, Foodscape Group, LLC [Available for conference attendees until June 30, 2022.]

Clean Label Opportunities & Challenges Arising from Innovative Products and Claims Chip English, Partner-in-Charge, Washington D.C., Davis Wright Tremaine [Available for conference attendees until June 30, 2022.]

Powering the Evolution of Fermentation ProcessingPaulo de Boer, Ph.D., Scientist/Project Manager, Wageningen Food & Biobased Research

Understanding Hydrocolloid Properties to Tackle Supply Chain InstabilityNesha Zalesny, MBA, Technical Consultant, IMR International [Slightly redacted version]

The State of Natural Colorants: Advice on Applications to Updates on Recent ResearchM. Mónica Giusti, Ph.D., Distinguished Professor, Dept. Food Science and Technology, The Ohio State University [Redacted version]

Practical Formulation with Plant-Based TechnologiesJulia Thompson, Culinologist III, CuliNex [Presentation has been photo corrected]

Facets of Sustainability: How Food Companies Can Measure and Communicate Progress to ConsumersSean B. Cash, Ph.D., Bergstrom Foundation Professor in Global Nutrition, Friedman School of Nutrition Science and Policy, Tufts University [Available for conference attendees until June 30, 2022.]

Sodium Reduction Using Clean Label Salty, Umami and Kokumi Taste ModulationAlex Woo, Ph.D., CEO and Founder, W2O Food Innovation

Beyond Stevia: Are Protein Sweeteners the Next Big Thing? John C. Fry, Ph.D., CChem, FRSC, FIFST, Director, Connect Consulting

Labeling Fiber & Sugar: Maximizing Clean Label Advantages, Minimizing Class Action & Recall Risk
David Plank, Managing Principal, WRSS Food & Nutrition Insights /Senior Research Fellow, Department of Food Science and Nutrition, University of Minnesota

Considerations in Natural Flavoring Use in a Clean Label WorldKeith Cadwallader, Ph.D., Dept. of Food Science & Human Nutrition, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign [Available for conference attendees until June 30, 2022.]

Applications Insights Panel

Technical Challenges of Alternative Dairy Beverages + A Comment on BotanicalsLindsay Wisener, MSc, Owner & Lead Product Developer, WiseBev

Considerations for Selecting & Evaluating Clean-Label Antimicrobial Ingredients for Salad Dressings Malcond Valladares, Ph.D., Food Scientist, Product and Process Development, The National Food Lab (The NFL)

 A Food Scientist’s Role in Advancing Clean Labels and Sustainable Food Systems – Jonathan Gordon, Ph.D., Founder and President, Glasgow Consulting Group, LLC


2022 Technology Snapshots
The 2022 Technology Snapshot Presentations are selected by an independent jury panel. These newer to the market ingredients provide benefits to formulators striving for simplified, consumer-friendly labels.

ADM – Fruit Up™ Fruit Syrup  Fruit Up™  is a unique nutritive sweetener that comes from a blend of carob and apples. With its clean-tasting, low-glycemic index, and clear “fruit syrup” label, Fruit Up™ is an ideal solution.

Bay State Milling – HealthSense®-Fiber. HealthSense® high fiber flour delivers flour functionality with prebiotic fiber benefits to wheat flour food applications. It enables fiber claims without fiber additives in foods consumers love to eat. It is cost-effective and label-friendly.

Bay State Milling – SowNaked™ Oats. SowNaked™ gluten-free oats are a sustainable source of nutrition and functionality. With 40% more protein, 50% fewer carbon emissions than traditional oats and a sweet, toasted flavor, SowNaked oats will transform your oat-based formulations.

Cargill – EverSweet® stevia sweetener and ClearFlo™ natural flavor. EverSweet™ stevia sweetener + ClearFlo™ natural flavor is the only label-friendly ingredient on the market that can address solubility and dissolution limitations of stevia and provide unparalleled sensory benefits, including sugar-like sweetness quality and taste modulation.

Cargill – SimPure Soluble Rice Fiber. Soluble Rice Flour is an innovative (non-GMO) ingredient addressing an industry need to identify label-friendly alternatives to maltodextrin. It has displayed excellent functionality when replacing maltodextrin in many applications, including snacks, flavor, and culinary.

Comet Bio – Arrabina™ Fiber. With its excellent solubility, stability in solution, and superior tolerability, Arrabina™ offers an easy way for supplement, food, and beverage makers to create delicious products while strengthening their nutrition labels and sustainability claims.

CP Kelco – KELCOGEL DFA Gellan Gum. Eliminate (significantly lower) locust bean gum or other viscosity modifiers in plant-based dairy alternative beverages with a single ingredient that can deliver on suspension and viscosity.

CP Kelco – NUTRAVA® Citrus Fiber. As the clean label megatrend strengthens, for F&B manufacturers NUTRAVA® Citrus Fiber serves as a unique solution providing both nutritional benefits and distinctive rheological properties in various applications while meeting clean label needs.

DDW – Galdieria Blue. Galdieria Blue Extract is an acid-stable natural blue color gently extracted from sustainably grown microalgae. This new phycocyanin source finally provides stable blues, purples, and greens for low pH beverage and confection applications.

Fiberstar – Citri-Fi® Citrus Fiber-MC Free. Create methylcellulose-free meat substitutes using the new Citri-Fi® TX20 texturizing citrus fiber in user-friendly clean label systems containing potato or canola protein to create meat-like texture, succulence and hot bite in meat alternative products.

Florida Food Products – VegStable® Plus – Rice Bran Extract. VegStable® Plus is a natural phosphate replacer designed for meat and poultry products. It increases yield improves texture and binding like synthetic phosphates without compromising the product quality or flavor attributes.

GNT U.S. – EXBERRY® Color. GNT launches EXBERRY® Compound Autumn Red, an encapsulated fat powder that transforms the color shift desired in plant-based meat alternatives during cooking using clean, simple vegetable juice and vegetable oil ingredients.

IFF – SEAFLOUR™ Natural Seaweed. SEAFLOUR™ is the best-in-class clean label solution provided by IFF, is minimally processed, and adds natural functionality to protein-based beverage applications. It can be listed as “natural seaweed” on the ingredient statement of the package label.

Ingredion – NOVATION® LUMINA Functional Native Rice Starches. NOVATION® LUMINA 8300/8600 are high performance clean label texturizers designed specifically to let all applications’ natural flavors and colors shine through. Meet consumer demands without compromising on product attributes.

Kalsec – DuraShield™ Food Protection Blends. DuraShield™ Food Protection Blends are scientifically proven to improve shelf-life by combining natural antioxidant products with antimicrobials. They provide a cleaner, consumer-preferred label solution for a multitude of food protection needs. [Slightly Redacted]

Merit Functional Food – Puratein® C & Puratein® G Non-GMO Canola Protein. Merit’s Puratein® C and Puratein® G are non-GMO canola proteins with superior nutrition and functionality. With 90% protein, these products deliver functional benefits in plant-based baking, meat alternatives, dairy alternatives and nutritional beverages.

Nexira – inavea™ BAOBAB ACACIA. inavea™ baobab acacia is an organic synergistic formulation with proven prebiotic effects offering high digestive comfort. All-natural, it is the first ingredient with a carbon-neutral footprint. Easy-to-use in powders, bars, dairy products or beverages.

Novozyme N.A. – Saphera Fiber Beta-Galactosidase Enzyme. What if you could achieve 25% less sugar in your dairy products, AND an additional claim of a good source of fiber without adding fiber ingredients to dairy formulas? Novozymes Saphera. Fiber delivers this for you!

NuTek Natural Ingredients – NuXtend preservative. Make a Clean Swap – NuXtend, a clean label, plant-based shelflife extender, effectively controls yeast and mold with the same functionality and ease of use as chemical preservatives.

NZMP – Fonterra SureProtein Functional Performer Milk Protein Conc. 4881. More protein, fewer ingredients – what more could you want to simplify labels and boost beverage nutrition? NZMP SureProtein™ Functional performer Milk Protein Concentrate 4881 delivers just that, plus complimentary grass-fed and sustainability claims.

The Protein Brewery – Fermotein-fermented protein®. Are you looking for a sustainable, affordable, bland, boring, yet complete protein high in fiber? The Protein Brewery introduces Fermotein®, an innovative fermented plant protein, to help meet your development needs.

Sensient Flavors – Trueboost. Texture and mouthfeel play a big role as purchase drivers in today’s food and beverage market. TrueBoost provides an enhanced flavor profile that delivers positive Milky, Fatty, Sweet Aromatics, and Creamy mouthfeel notes, and reduces undesirable aftertaste.

Solnul – Solnul™ RS2-Resistant Potato Starch. Solnul™ RS2 is a whole-food source, unmodified, low-allergen and welltolerated prebiotic resistant starch ingredient derived from upcycled potatoes. Support microbiome health in supplement, functional food, and beverage applications with the ultimate clean label ingredient.

Solvay – Rhovanil Natural Vanillin. Meet your Vanilla Flavoring needs with Rhovanil Natural CW, a Global Natural Vanillin made from a Non-GMO GMM bioconversion process. Rhovanil Natural CW will simplify your label and R&D time.

NOTE: Global Food Forums’ Advisory Panel evaluated Technology Snapshot submissions on factors such as newness in the marketplace, technical details, submission completeness, contribution to a well-rounded program, impact on an ingredient statement, impact on the food industry overall, and how focused the submission is on a single ingredient or ingredient line. See the Technology Snapshots Overview with its various links for more information.

2020 Clean Label Conference (Presentations Recorded for Online Only)

This in-person event was cancelled due to Covid-19. However, most of the presentations scheduled for the 2020 Clean Label Conference and 2020 Sweetener Systems Conference have been video recorded.
Successes and Challenges of Clean Label in Food and Beverage: An Industry PerspectivePhilippe Rousset, Ph.D., White Coffee and Creamers Technology Lead, Global Clean Label Strategic Network Leader, Nestlé Product Technology Center Beverage
Clean Labels – Don’t Forget Your Chemical HazardsGrace Bandong, MSc, Global Scientific Strategy Leader, Contaminants,  Eurofins Food Integrity and Innovations
Hydrocolloids: Clean Label Tools for Plant-Based FormulatingNesha Zalesny, MBA, Technical Consultant, IMR International
Hurdle Technology: Multifactorial Food Preservation for High Quality FoodsJairus R. David, Ph.D., Principal Consultant, JRD Food Technology Consulting, LLC
Innovations in Dairy Based Ingredients for Clean Label SolutionsRohit Kapoor, Ph.D., Vice President, Product Research, National Dairy Counci


The 2020 Technology Snapshot Presentations are selected by an independent jury panel. These newer to the market ingredients provide benefits to formulators striving for simplified, consumer-friendly labels.
CP Kelco – NUTRAVA Citrus Fiber
DDW – Naturbrown® Organic Apple
DuPont – ENOVERA enzyme innovation
EDGE Ingredients – FiberGel 200 novel gelling whole food fiber
Fiberstar – Citri-Fi® Natural Citrus Fiber
INGREDION – Evanesse™ aquafaba clean label emulsifying agent
Innovopro – CP-Pro 70® Chickpea protein concentrate
Jungbunzlauer – Sodium Gluconate
Mane-Kancor – OxiKan CL decolourised, deodourised and deflavoured natural antioxidant.
Naturex by Givaudan – Xtrablend RN oxidation management for food emulsions
Paragon Pure – CaptaClean® brown rice flour-based technology is used for spray dried flavor, color and nutraceutical powders
Prova – Cold Brew Coffee Extract
Sensient Flavors – Entice taste technology that provides moistness, juiciness, mouthfeel and taste to offset the dryness and off notes that come from the use of various protein sources used in making meat alternatives
Sweet Green Fields – STEVIAROMA stevia based natural flavor modulator for high intensity sweeteners
Synergy Flavors – Pure® Hops Essences

2019 Clean Label Conference (In-Person Event)

Understanding the Clean Label Movement & What it Means for the Industry — Mindy Hermann, MBA, RDN, Innova Market Insights
Do Cleaner Labels have Unintended Health Consequences?Joanne L. Slavin, Ph.D., RD, Professor, Department of Food Science and Nutrition, University of Minnesota
Challenges & Solutions for “Preservative-free,” Microbial-safe FoodsKathleen Glass, PhD, Assoc. Director, Distinguished Scientist, Food Research Institute
The Effect of Color on Odor Perception: Toward More Efficient Ingredient UseDebra Zellner, PhD, Professor, Psychology, Montclair State University & Monell Chemical Senses Center
Delivering Clean Label to the Transitioning OmnivoreRachel Cheatham, PhD, Founder & CEO, Foodscape Group, LLC


The 2019 Technology Snapshot Presentations are selected by an independent jury panel. These newer to the market ingredients provide benefits to formulators striving for simplified, consumer-friendly labels.
Austrade’s Nutritis is a complete range of sweetening solutions from actual fruits
Chr. Hansen has developed FruitMax® Red — high yield, minimally processed sweet potato providing a unique red color
COSUCRA’s Nastar™ and Nastar™ Instant Functional Pea Starches
DSM’s AmpliVida™, a xylooliogosacharide (XOS) prebiotic
Idaho Milk Products next generation of milk proteins, IdaPlus, for protein-enhanced RTDs
Ingredion’s NOVATION PRIMA® 309 and 609 certified organic functional native corn starches
Jungbunzlauer’s Trimagnesium Citrate Anhydrous (TMC) is a clean label desiccant
Kemin Food Technologies’ CA-FORT™ is a concentrated clean label plant extract providing an alternative to traditional synthetic antioxidants
Lycored will highlight proof of stability of their super stable color range
Nexira’s Organic Baobab Powder is a Superfruit high in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals
Prenexus Health’s XOS Prebiotic (XOS95®) will be a xylooliogosacharide prebiotic
Siemer Specialty Ingredients’ Wheat Flour is naturally treated with heat, steam and water to replace modified starch and gum in applications of coatings, soup, sauce and gravy
SOLVAY’s Rhovanil® US NAT is a highly pure, naturally-sourced ingredient that serves as a one-for-one replacement for synthetic vanillin
ZoomEssence, Inc. Through the elimination of heat, the ZoomEssence spray-dry process Zooming® retains the flavor nuances and aromas found in natural ingredients.

2018 Clean Label Conference (In-Person Event)

Clean Label Solutions to Controlling Lipid OxidationEric A. Decker, Ph.D., Professor and Head of the Department of Food Science, University of Massachusetts, Amhurst
Label-friendly Dairy Ingredients: Physio-chemical Properties and Uses in Foods & BeveragesSonia Patel, MSc, Dairy Application Scientist, Midwest Dairy Foods Research Center, Dept. of Food Science and Nutrition, University of Minnesota
Cultural Use & Functional Properties of Ancient Grains: What it Means for New Product ApplicationsMelanie Goulson, MSc, Principal Scientist, Merlin Development and Adjunct Professor, St. Catherine University
Exploring Today’s Top Ingredient Trends & How They Fit into our Health-Conscious WorldThea Bourianne, MBA, RD, LDN, Sr. Food & Beverage Data Analyst, Label Insight
Natural Colorants: Challenges and OpportunitiesM. Mónica Giusti, Ph.D., Professor, Dept. Food Science and Technology, The Ohio State University
Overcoming Clean Label Challenges in Sugar Replacement, Reduction and ReformulationJerome Diaz, Ph.D., Food and Biobased Research, Wageningen University and Research


The 2018 Technology Snapshot Presentations are selected by an independent jury panel. These newer to the market ingredients provide benefits to formulators striving for simplified, consumer-friendly labels.
International Agriculture Group NuBana™ Green Banana Flours — clean label, gluten-free, functional fruits with texturizing properties of lightly modified starch and the nutrition of green bananas
Kemin NaturFORT RSGT is a clean label plant extract blend
Kerr Concentrates Jicama Juice Concentrate, a clean label sweetener
Chr. Hansen Inc. FruitMax Yellow 1600 WS, FruitMax Yellow 1601 WS and FruitMax Orange 1600: Cleaner, brighter and higher strength yellow and orange

2017 Clean Label Conference (In-Person Event)

Emerging Research to Practical Approaches on Natural Antimicrobial UseMatthew Taylor, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Dept. of Animal Science, Texas A&M University
Selecting Natural Sweeteners: Products, Properties, and PerformanceMelanie Goulson, MSc, Principal Scientist, Merlin Development and Adjunct Professor, St. Catherine University
Insights into Flavoring Use and the Impact of Clean LabelsRobert J. McGorrin, Ph.D., CFS, Jacobs-Root Professor and Department Head, Department of Food Science & Technology, Oregon State University
Strategies to Create Consumer-friendly Ingredient StatementsRonald Visschers, Ph.D., Business Line Manager, TNO food research
Clean Label for Gluten-free Bakery ProductsStevan Angalet, Ph.D., President, Angalet Group International
Advances on Naturally-Derived Antioxidants for Enhanced Shelf-life and EfficacyFereidoon Shahidi,PhD, Department of Biochemistry, Memorial University of Newfoundland

2016 Clean Label Conference (In-Person Event)

Clean Label Focus: What are Consumers saying and How is the Industry Responding?Tom Vierhile, MBA, Innovation Insights Director, Canadean (Previously Datamonitor Consumer)
The Chemistry and Application of Natural FlavoringsKeith Cadwallader, Ph.D., Professor of Food Chemistry, Dept. of Food Science and Human Nutrition, University of Illinois, Urbana–Champaign
Natural Antimicrobials: Strategies and Considerations for Their Food UseJairus R.D. David, Ph.D., Senior Principal Scientist, Innovation & Research ConAgra Foods, Inc.
Free-From at Retail: Lessons and OpportunitiesCarl Jorgensen, MSc, Director, Global Consumer Strategy – Wellness, Daymon Worldwide
“Natural” Hydrocolloids: Physiochemical Properties to Research InitiativesSrinivas Janaswamy, Ph.D., Research Assistant Professor, Whistler Center for Carbohydrate Research, Purdue University

2015 Clean Label Conference (In-Person Event)

The Global Clean Label Phenomena: Trends, Insights & Implications  — Lu Ann Williams, MBA, Director of Innovation, Innova Market Insights
From Natural to Non-GMO: What Regulators and Consumers Want You to KnowCatherine Adams Hutt, Ph.D., RD, Principal, RdR Solutions Consulting; LLC/Chief Science and Regulatory Officer, Sloan Trends
Meaningful Clean Up: A Comprehensive View of a Developer’s Techniques & Options — Chef John Csukor, CEO, KOR Food Innovation
Antioxidant Potential of Plant-based Food Ingredients and Whole Plant FoodsJin Ji, Ph.D., Chief Technology Officer & Executive Vice President, Brunswick Laboratories, Inc.
Clean Label Antimicrobial Ingredients: How to find them?Frank Schuren, Ph.D., Senior Scientist Microbiology, TNO Microbiology & Systems Biology
Panel: Processing Technology and its Central Role in Clean Label Products
Speaker #1: Extended Shelf life Aseptic ProcessingJeffrey Andrews, Senior Director, Contract Manufacturing, HP Hood
Speaker #2: High Pressure Processing: Fundamentals, Challenges and OpportunitiesKathiravan Krishnamurthy Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Food Science and Nutrition, Illinois Institute of Technology

2013 Clean Label Conference (In-Person Event)

Consumer & Market Trends: Opportunities for Simple, Clean & Pure AboundSteve French, MBA, Managing Partner, Natural Marketing Institution
Packaging Does Much More than “Contain” – It Defines Your 1st SaleKenneth S. Marsh, PhD, CPP, CFS, Packaging Consultant and Executive Director, Woodstock Institute for Service in Science to Humanity
Natural Antioxidants: Maximizing Effectiveness for Shelf-life ExtensionFereidoon Shahidi, PhD, Department of Biochemistry, Memorial University of Newfoundland
Flavorings: Clean and FriendlyGary Reineccius, PhD, Professor and Department Head, Department of Food Science and Nutrition, University of Minnesota
Opportunities and Limitations of Natural AntimicrobialsKathleen Glass, Ph.D., Associate Director, Food Research Institute, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Going Au Naturel: Coloring ConsiderationRonald Wrolstad, PhD, Distinguished Professor of Food Science Emeritus, Oregon State University
Taste Physiology and Considerations in Sweetener Choices — Alex Woo, Ph.D., Managing Director and Founder, W2O Food Innovation
A Food Scientist’s Approach to Working with OrganicsSharon Herzog, MS, Director of R&D, Country Choice Organic