2020 Clean Label Post Conference Magazine

Originally Published: August 13, 2020
Last Updated: February 4, 2021

The 2020 Clean Label Post Conference Magazine is a summary of key points from speakers who made recorded presentations that had been scheduled for the 2020 in-person event. It also publishes information on the ingredients selected by the Technology Snapshot Advisory Board as innovative new ingredients for the conference.

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 Table of Contents:

  • Clean Label: Shifting Consumer Perceptions and Evolving Innovation
    The concept of “clean label” moves from vilified ingredients to a celebration of goodness.
    Lynn Dornblaser, Director of Innovation & Insight, Mintel.
  • Successes & Challenges of Clean Label in Food and Beverage: An Industry Perspective
    In providing clean label transparency, the entire food portfolio must be considered.
    Philippe Rousset, Ph.D., White Coffee and Creamers Technology Lead, Global Clean Label Strategic Network Leader, Nestlé Product Technology Center Beverage
  • Customized Chemical Risk Assessment
    A risk-based process to identify food pesticides, heavy metals and other contaminants in foods.
    Grace Bandong, MSc, Global Scientific Strategy Leader, Contaminants, Eurofins Food Integrity and Innovations
  • Rethinking Formulation Approaches for Simplified Ingredient Statement & Cleaner Labels 
    Approaches & alternatives to reformulate traditional processed foods into clean label products.
    Webb Girard, MSc, Director of Technology, CuliNex, LLC
  • Hydrocolloids: Clean Label Tools for Plant-Based Formulating 
    Hydrocolloids’ role in solving issues when plant-based replace traditional protein sources.
    Nesha Zalesny, MBA, Technical Consultant, IMR International
  • Hurdle Technology: Multifactorial Food Preservation for High Quality Foods
    The “hurdle” concept uses ingredient, processing and other barriers to inhibit microbial growth.
    Jairus R. David, Ph.D., Principal Consultant, JRD Food Technology Consulting, LLC
  • Innovative Clean Label Ingredient Replacement Technologies for Baked Goods 
    Clean label and natural baking are becoming a key focus for the industry.
    Lin Carson, Ph.D., CEO & Founder, BAKERpedia
  • Innovations in Dairy Based Ingredients for Clean Label Solutions 
    Dairy ingredients’ unique functionalities assist clean label formulations.
    – Rohit Kapoor, Ph.D., Vice President, Product Research, National Dairy Council
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