Clean Label Baking Presentation

Originally Published: July 9, 2015
Last Updated: February 23, 2021
David Busken Clean Label Baking 2015 CLC

“Clean Label Baking” was presented at the 2015 Clean Label Conference by David Busken, R&D Manager, Oak State Products.

Abstract: Baked goods are complex food systems. Certain sensory and physical properties such as texture, volume, shelflife and taste are expected by consumers. When met, they signal a quality product. Formulating new products is challenging, as is, but these projects become even more difficult when ingredient choices are limited to “natural” sounding options. This presentation provided insights into alternative functional ingredients as it reviews ingredient choices and the product changes they often produce, so that attendees could gain a better understanding of the tactics needed to develop better baked goods.

An excerpt from the written summary of this presentation: Acknowledging that the precise outlines of a “clean” bakery ingredient remain fuzzy, Busken cut to the chase by sharing his own definition—it has a familiar name; it’s undergone minimal processing—and noting that many traditional bakery staples not only fit this bill but provide essential functionality, besides. The trick, he said, lies in understanding which ingredients are available, knowing where to find them and figuring out how to use them.

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