Clean Label Focus: Consumers vs Industry Presentation

Originally Published: July 8, 2016
Last Updated: February 22, 2021

“Clean Label Focus: Consumers vs Industry” was presented at the 2016 Clean Label Conference by Tom Vierhile, MBA, Innovation Insights Director, Canadean (Previously Datamonitor Consumer).

Abstract: If there was an Olympic medal for industry buzzwords, “clean label” would take home the gold. Few topics have commanded so much attention in so little time. But the concept of clean label is deceptively complex. What does it really mean to consumers? How do they feel about issues like transparency, food processing and specific ingredients? This presentation looked at what consumers are saying about key clean label concepts. Find out what resonates with consumers and what doesn’t. Learn how the food industry is responding with innovation in ingredients and new products.  Sharpen your focus on where clean label is today and where it may go tomorrow.

An Excerpt from the Written Summary of his presentation: Vierhile shared results from Canadean surveys of roughly 50,000 respondents across 47 countries in 2015. When asked, “What does the term ‘clean label’ mean to you?” respondents’ most popular answer wasn’t surprising: 45% of American consumers said they don’t know. However some 30% associated it with “free from artificial ingredients,” while 29% credited natural/organic claims. Roughly a quarter identified no pesticides/chemicals/toxins, minimally processed and free from allergens. One fifth said no GMOs, and 17% answered “simple/short ingredient list.”

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