Clean Label Foodservice Trends Presentation

Originally Published: July 1, 2017
Last Updated: February 4, 2021
L. Freier A. Harvey Technomic Clean Label Foodservice Trends 2017 CLC

Consumers increasingly want to know more about their food. Although the initial focus was on consumer packaged foods, the foodservice sector has become increasingly drawn in. This presentation touched on the impact that clean labels have on the restaurant industry. Using Technomic data on both consumer preferences and menu development with regard to clean eating, presenters analyzed what it means for restaurant operators, food manufacturers and distributors. Topics included the changing consumer definitions of health, top and fastest-growing “clean” keyword mentions in the industry and operator survey predictions on clean labeling purchase influencers for the future.

Lizzy Freier and Aimee Harvey, Managing Editors, Technomic Inc. speaking on “Clean Label Foodservice Trends” at the 2017 Clean Label Conference.

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