Clean Label Processed Meats Presentation

Originally Published: July 8, 2016
Last Updated: February 21, 2021

“Clean Label Processed Meats” was presented by Webb Girard, MSc, Culinologist, Culinex, LLC at the 2016 Clean Label Conference.

Abstract: Consumers’ continued demand for safer, healthier meat products drives cured meat manufacturers to step up their game. This presentation discussed the curing process, the science behind it, and the basics of how to create great tasting sausages, bacon and ham. The replacement of nitrites and phosphates with “natural” ingredients that preserve flavor, color and texture was explored. Key external manufacturing plant factors was also touched on. Samples of conventional and clean label bacon, beef jerky, and fully cooked deli sausage were tasted during the session, while demystifying the terminology, methodology and theory behind “uncured” meat products.

An excerpt from the written summary of this presentation: Processed meats are a food category where easily recognizable, clean label ingredients can be used to achieve the same technical functionality of manufactured ingredients. However, these ingredients come with their own flavor and technical challenges.

“The primary ingredients currently used to develop clean label processed meats include vegetable juice powders, to replace nitrates/ nitrites as curing agents; and acerola cherry powder to replace sodium erythorbate as a cure accelerator. Plum-based products (fresh and dried concentrates, powders and fibers) are effective at replacing phosphates for moisture retention,” said Webb Girard, MSc, a Culinologist with CuliNex, Seattle

Click here to view the written summary of this presentation: “Replacing Nitrites/Phosphates-Processed Meats”

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