Clean Labels & Sustainable Systems: Food Scientists’ Role [Presentation]

Originally Published: August 4, 2022
Last Updated: October 19, 2022
Clean Label & Sustainable Systems: Food Scientists' Role Jonathan Gordon 2022 CLC

Abstract: This presentation on “Clean Labels & Sustainable Systems: Food Scientists’ Role,” looks at how the food industry arrived at a place where a “Clean Label” conference is needed. It further offers insights into food scientists’ role in feeding our planet’s seven billion people and providing foods with optimal health benefits. A key focus will be on the use of physical processes to avoid using non label-friendly ingredients.

Jonathan Gordon, Ph.D., Founder and President, Glasgow Consulting Group, LLC, A Food Scientist’s Role in Advancing Clean Labels and Sustainable Food Systems – Speaker at the 2022 Clean Label Conference.

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Extract from Summary of this Presentation titled:  A Food Scientist’s Role in Advancing Clean Labels and Sustainable Food Systems is as follows:

So, where do food scientists begin when developing clean label products? Gordon emphasized the following four points:

  • Start at the end.
  • Always maintain an overview perspective.
  • Don’t solve problems that don’t exist in practice.
  • Try to find a “physical” solution before you look for an ingredient solution.

Maintain an Overview Perspective

As Gordon delved into details regarding these practical steps, he provided sage advice from his experience in product development. He advocated looking at the equipment and process in a new way. Can the equipment do anything differently? Is there a piece of equipment in another production room that can be added to your production line? Can the piping be arranged differently, or can the equipment order be rearranged? Can you persuade the plant personnel to do what you want?

As a scientist, it is sometimes challenging to have an overview mentality. Higher education will propel one toward taking a narrowly defined focus, “until we become complete experts in something almost nonexistent,” Gordon said. It’s important to see outside the box, beyond your focus of expertise and look down from above. “Allow yourself to see beyond what you’re doing,” he added.