Finding Clean Label Antimicrobials Presentation

Originally Published: July 9, 2015
Last Updated: September 26, 2020
Frank Schuren Finding Clean Label Antimicrobials 2015 CLC

With the strong and ongoing consumer trend towards more ‘natural’ products, replacing chemical preservatives and sodium by natural antimicrobials is a highly preferable way of cleaning up labels. Preferably, such natural antimicrobials should be derived from natural compounds already in use in food production. This presentation shows an emerging method to screen natural components for synergistic effects on growth inhibiting effects against microorganisms using state-of-the art molecular detection methods. This method is independent of growth on selective or enriched media so they provide faster and much more detailed information than conventional, culture-based microbiology. The insights gained via this approach will provide more information than growth based screening tests which are currently used. Results of a demonstrator study on herbs and spices using this screening method was shared during the presentation.

Frank Schuren, Ph.D., Senior Scientist Microbiology, TNO Microbiology & Systems Biology speaking on “Finding Clean Label Antimicrobials” at the 2015 Clean Label Conference.

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