Functional Dairy for Clean Label

Originally Published: June 15, 2020
Last Updated: February 4, 2021

Thanks to milk’s unique composition, dairy ingredients manufactured from milk have been among the most multifunctional ingredients in the food industry. Dairy proteins provide properties such as whipping, emulsification and gelation. Milkfat has its own set of functional properties, such as creaming, whipping, shortening and flavor. Emerging research on lactose and lactose derivatives is leading to cutting edge solutions towards novel sweeteners and bio-preservation. As consumers look satisfy their needs for clean label, dairy ingredients are well positioned to play a significant role. This presentation highlighted unique functionalities of various dairy ingredients and how they help deliver formulation of clean label foods. This talk also looked at future technologies that are further enabling dairy ingredients play a larger role in clean label foods.

Rohit Kapoor, Ph.D., Vice President, Product Research, National Dairy Council speaking on “Dairy for Clean Label” for the 2020 Clean Label Conference.

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