Gluten-Free, Clean Label Baking Presentation

Originally Published: July 3, 2017
Last Updated: August 23, 2021

Gluten-free bakery products’ increasing popularity coincides with the emerging trend for “clean labels” and is relevant for a wide spectrum of retail bakery products. Specifically, “clean label” is the ability to produce a product without the use of chemicals and often with a simplified ingredient label. However, not all ingredient options to produce a gluten-free bakery product are compliant with clean label common practice. This presentation looked at both compliant and non-compliant options in three categories: yeast leavened, chemical leavened, and unleavened. Examples included mixes for the consumer to prepare at home and others were ready-to-eat. Alternatives for non-compliant ingredients were also covered.

Excerpt from Summary:

“Leavening ingredients pose the biggest challenge to clean label baked products. Yeast poses no issue, but chemical leavenings do (i.e., baking powder). If baking powder is to be replaced, Angalet suggested a number of possible solutions:

• Creaming fat and sugars under chilled conditions, to increase air incorporation into a dough or batter. Butter, especially, will incorporate more air into a product as the water in the emulsion turns to steam cooling and packaging.
• Whipping air into dry ingredients, especially sweeteners, to aid incorporation into fat and water
• Increasing levels of free water for conversion to steam during baking
• Using carbonated water as a gas source
• Creating egg and fat emulsions
• Dropping mix temperatures and extending whipping time to increase air incorporation”

Stevan Angalet, Ph.D., President, Angalet Group International speaking at the 2017 Clean Label Conference on Gluten-Free, Clean Label Baking[Click to read the summary.]

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