Ingredient Labeling Presentation

Originally Published: June 28, 2018
Last Updated: February 4, 2021

How an ingredient is named on a food label is vital to a product’s consumer appeal. Such names must also comply with government requirements that can be either detailed regulatory definitions, general policy guidelines or simply established industry practices. To regulate “truthful and non-misleading” labeling declarations in a world of changing consumer attitudes, government agencies enforce the use of certain “common or usual names” which are statements of identity for ingredients. This presentation provided insights into contemporary ingredient labeling practices including what’s desired and what’s influential. For example, how have non-GMO and “natural” claims driven the labeling of sweeteners? This led the FDA to address the industry-styled phrase “cane juice.” And, does FDA’s decision on the natural status of “high-fructose corn syrup” really matter to clean-label seeking consumers?

Lauren Swann, MS, RD, LDN, Concept Nutrition Inc. speaking on “Ingredient Labeling” at the 2018 Clean Label Conference.

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