Meaningful Cleanup Presentation

Originally Published: July 10, 2015
Last Updated: September 25, 2020
John Csukor Meaningful Clean up 2015 CLC

Label clean-up has begun and great progress has been made, but why all the effort?  Why are we cleaning up labels and what are consumers seeking in a “Cleaned up Label”?  It is not enough to select a new clean ingredient, rather the expectation by consumers and product developers is much more demanding in what that ingredient must deliver to perform. This presentation explored the various ingredient options and techniques that can be meaningful “replacers with purpose” and “mimickers of flavor, color and texture,” all of which come packing performance as well. This application-oriented session was based on the principle that deliciousness and quality-comes-first is the R&D goal.

Chef John Csukor, CEO, KOR Food Innovation speaking on “Meaningful Cleanup” at the 2015 Clean Label Conference.

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