Microbial Control in Clean Label Products Presentation

Originally Published: September 4, 2020
Last Updated: September 15, 2020

Clean label products have been produced long enough that there now exists scientifically-validated processing techniques and formulated ingredients for control of foodborne bacterial pathogens of concern. However, shelf life and control of spoilage microorganisms such as lactic acid bacteria, yeasts, and molds typically do not receive sufficient scrutiny and validation prior to launching clean label products. Hence, an all too common outcome for clean label products is spoilage in the marketplace. Attendees of this session will learn the technical limitations of clean label food preservation as well as what companies should be doing to assure shelf life attainment.

Peter Taormina, Ph.D., President, Etna Consulting Group speaking on “Microbial Control in Clean Label Products: Pathogens are the Easy Part” for the 2020 Clean Label Conference.

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