Natural Antioxidants Presentation

Originally Published: June 30, 2017
Last Updated: February 4, 2021

The use of antioxidants for stabilization of foods and beverages has been in practice for shelf-life extension and quality preservation purposes. The drive toward products with clean label and consumer-friendly ingredients has created much interest in natural antioxidants, mainly from plant sources as well as certain processing by-products. In addition to structural characteristics of the ingredients themselves, the system in which the antioxidants are used and storage conditions of products are important factors that must be considered in different applications. In order to maximize antioxidant function, and examine the promising areas of research and developments for such ingredients, both the theoretical and practical angles and their implications were discussed in some detail.

Fereidoon Shahidi, PhD, Department of Biochemistry, Memorial University of Newfoundland speaking on “Natural Antioxidants” at the 2017 Clean Label Conference.

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