Organic and Non-GMO Markets Presentation

Originally Published: July 7, 2016
Last Updated: February 22, 2021

“Organic and Non-GMO Markets” was presented at the 2016 Clean Label Conference, by Scott Shander, MSc, Economist, Mercaris.

Abstract: Interest in non-GMO and organic foods by consumers and marketers grows steadily. The OTA reports US sales of organic products reached $39.1B in 2014, a growth of 11.3% from 2013. As demand for these products increases, so does the strain on the supply chain. For companies who are creating products to meet this demand—or anyone researching this industry segment—key information on these emerging markets must be acquired with the purpose of supporting a company’s own growth strategies. Understanding the organic & non-GMO supply is critical. This presentation covered the unique characteristics, supply and demand factors that impact sourcing and sustainability.

An excerpt from the written summary of this presentation:  When considering organic product launches, securing supplies can be challenging, and the nuances need to be understood and appreciated.

In the “2014-2015 State of the Industry Report,” The Organic Trade Association showed $39 billion in organic sales, up from $10 billion in 2003. Data concerning organic acreage in the U.S. shows a massive expansion in organic food, compared with limited available acreage to grow organic.

Currently, 36% of organic sales are in fruit and vegetables; interestingly, the emerging organic market includes compound growth rates in snack foods, bread, meats and other packaged foods. “Looking at these categories, meeting this demand will require disproportionate growth in organic grains and oilseeds relative to other crops,” said Shander.

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