Using Natural Colorants Successfully [Presentation]

Originally Published: October 15, 2021
Last Updated: November 19, 2021
using Natural Colorants Successfully -2021 Clean Label Premium Webinar-Winston Boyd

The presentation titled “Natural Colorants: The Opportunities and Challenges in Using Them Successfully,” was given by Winston A. Boyd, Ph.D., Principal Consultant and Owner, Earthwise Technology. This presentation was part of Global Food Forums’ 2021 Premium Webinar Series “Technical Solutions in Formulating Clean Label Food.” 

The webinar description is as follows: We understand that consumer preferences and expectations related to appearance are driven in part by color.  Color also provides an indication as to the taste, quality and even safety of the foods we eat.  It can create an emotional connection such as when color aligns with expectations of familial or seasonal food favorites.  This presentation on using natural colorants successfully, presents a case analysis of three common but sometimes difficult to solve coloring use challenges. The audience will be offered suggestions on what should be considered and what could be done to address these issues.

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NOTE:  A summary of this presentation plus expanded information will be published late fall of 2021.

See Winston Boyd’s video below.