Along with our new website, we are pleased to introduce recent Global Food Forums webinars. These webinars provide insights into key consumer and food product trends and address technical formulation issues.

Global Food Forums Webinar Idaho Milk Products Protein Bars

Exploring Protein Bars: Milk Proteins and Other Global TrendsMORE INFORMATION & REGISTRATION

DATE: November 9, 2021 — During this webinar designed by Idaho Milk Products, participants will learn about the protein bar market and the current trends; where the market is heading; and, who to watch in this space. They will gain knowledge of the common challenges encountered when formulating protein bars and the solutions for overcoming them. They will discover the benefits of protein blends and how milk proteins help in formulating process successful bars and what it means for consumers. Additionally, participants will come to know how to choose the best proteins for their projects and what equipment and expertise is available to help them in formulating, creating samples and then testing bars for flavor, hardness and shelf-life predictions.

2021 Sweetener Systems Premium Webinar Menu


DATE: November 4, 2021 — This Premium Webinar is designed for application scientists and R&D product formulators working on food, beverage and supplement products that would benefit from various levels of sweetness. The food technology-based webinar will deliver practical insights and advice on consumer and sweetener ingredient trends and on use of high-potency sweeteners and bulking agents in formulations. It finishes with guidance on sweetening products with whole fruit ingredients.

Speakers include Stephanie Mattucci, Mintel; John Fry, Connect Consulting; Melanie Goulson, Merlin Development; and Kristen Sparkman, CuliNex

Global Food Forums Webinars On Demand

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2021 CLEAN LABEL WEBINAR: Technical Solutions in Formulating Clean Label Food — ON DEMAND

DATE: October 7, 2021 — Clean label products have short, simple ingredient lists that consumers recognize and come from “natural sources.” The concept has grown to include plant-based as well. This webinar reveals the results of new consumer research regarding consumer attitudes toward ingredients and then moves on to provide practical, impartial advice on working with hydrocolloids and colorants.

Speakers include Anthony Flood, Senior Director Food Ingredient Communications, IFIC; Nesha Zalesny, MBA, Technical Consultant, IMR International and Winston Boyd, Ph.D., Principal Consultant & Owner, Earthwise Technology.


Working with Sugar Alternatives: Remove the Guesswork! — ON DEMAND 

DATE: April 28, 2021 — Developing formulas using a singular sugar replacer can be challenging. Numerous revisions are generally required to attain functionality, great texture and the taste similar to that provided by sugar. Join Batory Foods Sweetener Specialist® and Head of Innovation and Technical Services, Melissa Riddell, for an exclusive webinar introducing Batory Sweet Essentials™ Sweetener Blends. The webinar will demonstrate how easy these one-to-one blends are to use in almost any application; while not compromising flavor and sweetness! All the functional strength and natural sweetness of sucrose. None of the stigma!

Formulating Excellent Quality High Protein Ice Cream

Formulating Excellent Quality High Protein Ice CreamON DEMAND   

DATE: April 15, 2021 — Learn about the common challenges encountered when formulating high-protein ice cream and the solutions for overcoming them, including shrinkage issues. Discover the benefits for you and the value for consumers of using calcium-reduced milk proteins for more stable ice cream formulation mixtures and how these MPCs can improve water-binding and optimize foam structure. Achieve success when developing high-protein frozen treats that are clean-label friendly and that your consumers will enjoy.

Idaho-Milk-Products-Webinar-Feb 25-2021

2021 PREMIUM PROTEIN WEBINAR: Overcoming Technical Issues: Formulating with Protein IngredientsON DEMAND
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DATE: March 24, 2021 —  Formulators working with protein ingredients strive to optimize a product’s texture, flavor and nutrition (i.e., protein quality). This webinar delivers insights into each of these challenges along with a short introduction.  Objective, non-commercial information is presented in a useful, efficient manner.

Emerging Protein Trends & Interesting News Bites
Claudia Dziuk O’Donnell, Co-Owner, Global Food Forums, presents a short, fast-paced tour through recent data and thought-provoking news items on food proteins.


Beyond Nutrition: Protein Blending for Improved Structure and Texture 
Laurice Pouvreau, Ph.D., Research Scientist & Expertise Leader Plant Protein Technology, Wageningen Food & Biobased Protein Research Group looks at working with proteins and protein ingredient blends for optimum texture.

Matthew G Nosworthy headshot

Increasing Plant-Based Products’ Protein Quality through Ingredient Blending
Matthew G. Nosworthy, Ph.D. Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, discusses how to blend complementary proteins to overcome a common limitation of plant-based proteins, lower PDCAAS scores compared to some animal proteins.


Formulated Protein Foods & Beverages: Flavoring Tactics
Gary Reineccius, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus, Department of Food Science & Nutrition, University of Minnesota, offers research insights and unknowns into the challenges of flavoring protein-based formulated products. Q&A session offers tips on flavoring use.

Additional helpful information referenced in the 2021 Premium Protein Webinar: How to calculate PDCAAS values in “Using Protein-rich Components to Achieve Desired Labeling Presentation.” It includes video and a downloadable PowerPoint. Regulations & industry standards for protein levels in protein concentrates and isolates at “How Much Protein Is In Concentrates & Isolates.”


Discover CanolaPRO® and Complementary DSM Solutions: Plant-Based Dairy & Meat Alternatives ON DEMAND

DATE: March 4, 2021. Consumer trends toward flexitarians, vegetarians, and vegan diets present a high-growth opportunity for plant-based options alongside traditional meat and dairy products. Consumers are increasingly attracted to plant-based alternatives because of their naturally healthy halo, sustainability considerations, and innovative product offerings. This webinar will provide an introduction to CanolaPRO®, a novel plant-based protein from the canola plant, and the unique characteristics that set it apart from other proteins. Learn how to differentiate your products with this sustainable, clean tasting, complete protein. Discover how the OneDSM portfolio can deliver complete solutions for a wide variety of both dairy and meat alternatives.


Idaho-Milk-Products-Webinar-Feb 25-2021

Clean Label Protein-Enhanced Healthcare Nutrition RTDs: Tips & Solutions to Challenges NOW ON DEMAND

DATE: February 25, 2021. Learn about common challenges and their solutions when formulating protein ready-to-drink beverages for healthcare and mainstream nutrition. Discover the benefits when milk protein concentrates and isolates (MPCs and MPIs) are used in your products. These functional milk proteins address storage stability issues and eliminate the need for sodium hexametaphosphate (SHMP). Idaho Milk Products’ IdaPro and IdaPlus milk proteins have a blander flavor profile, higher solubility, and faster hydration and dispersion rates than other MPCs and MPIs. Fewer stabilizers and flavor masking agents are required. Drinks with a longer shelf-life and less grittiness and sedimentation result.



New Clean Label Texturizing Solutions for Dairy & Plant-Based AlternativesON DEMAND

DATE: October 27, 2020. AVEBE discusses new texture solutions developed to assist in developing high quality clean label dairy and plant-based alternative dairy products. Demand for clean label foods has become the new normal and consumer interest in plant-based alternatives has exploded. Developing products that meet the desired sensory profile, cost, & shelf life—all produced with traceable, sustainably sourced and recognizable ingredients can be challenging.


2020 USB-Qualisoy Webinar

The Plant-Based Protein Debate: What Consumers Want

DATE: August 17, 2020. The popularity of plant-proteins has resulted in an explosion of new plant-based foods. While secure supply-chains, price and ingredient functionality are top priorities for food companies, what do consumer prioritize when purchasing plant-based foods? This USB and Qualisoy webinar provides information about the sustainability, nutrition, protein-quality and functionality of a variety of protein ingredients. NEW consumer insights about the purchase drivers and marketing messages to which consumers respond is revealed.

Additional Global Food Forums Webinars will be added on a regular basis.