[Ingredient] A Versatile Clean Label Texturizer

Originally Published: February 23, 2021
Last Updated: February 23, 2021
Clean Label Texturizing Solutions with Avebe's Etenia with an image of yogurt as an example of an application.

February 23, 2021 — Product developers searching for a versatile clean label texturizer that meets consumer expectations for an all-natural, plant-based, sustainable ingredient have a new option from which to choose. Avebe’s Etenia™, made from potato, offers versatility in a variety of dairy applications including plant-based alternatives, suggests Michael Finfrock, Technical Business Development Manager Avebe North.

The unique development of Etenia creates a starch which behaves as a hydrocolloid and having gelatin-like characteristics, emphasizes Finfrock. He explains that Etenia is not granular, exhibits low hot viscosity, and develops palate pleasing, clean flavored, thermoreversible gel structures upon cooling.

In terms of processing, Etenia™, is easy to use says Finfrock. Because you aren’t dealing with intact granules it is very tolerant to process shear, temperature, and pH. In addition, with good mixing it is easily dispersed has a low processing viscosity and creates a thermoreversible gel. However, its thermo-reversibility is dependent on mixing, as with a Tri-blender, for example, notes Finfrock. The product is also process tolerant (including UHT), as well as shear, pressure and pH stable. After thermal processing Etenia™, will begin to develop structure when product is cooled below 41°F and requires 12 to 24 hours to reach its final texture.

Finfrock describes Etenia™, as an ingredient that, depending upon use level, can mimic the texture of liquid, semi-solid or spoonable, spreadable, and set dairy products. Due to its texturizing flexibility, clean flavor, mouth melting thermoreversible properties, creates a feasibility of using only one thickening-type ingredient, thereby simplifying the label.

A clean-label solution, Etenia™, is simply labeled as “Starch or Potato Starch.” It is non-GMO, environmentally sustainable, vegetarian, kosher, halal and E-number free. Finfrock emphasizes that Etenia has a clean flavor with melt-in-mouth sensory characteristics, making it a viable solution as a 1:3 fat replacer. As a potential fat and/or protein replacer, Etenia™ can potentially offer a cost- savings opportunities.

Etenia provides a wide range of textural enhancements in dairy applications. In yogurt applications, the modified potato-starch serves as a creaminess enhancer. A general recommended usage range for yogurts is 0.7-2.5%. Yogurt with 3% fat and 1% Etenia reportedly has a similar creaminess perception as a Greek-style yogurt with 6% fat. It also adds creaminess to custard and puddings at a recommended usage of 0.3-0.5%.

In fresh cheese applications, such as cream cheese, whey is still sometimes considered a waste product. Etenia may be used as a 100% whey binder, thus reducing waste. On the other hand, when producing whey-less cream cheese, the need for a whey separator can be eliminated altogether by using 100% of the milk vs. 25-50% milk yielded during traditional cream cheese processing where the whey stream is separated out. As such, a 15-30% formulation cost reduction can theoretically be realized without a compromise on taste or texture. Etenia also helps prevent syneresis, an important consideration for products, such as these.

In the whey-less cream cheese application mentioned above, Etenia™, can be added either pre- or post-fermentation at approximately 5% usage and must be mixed at high shear to avoid lumping. Its thermo-reversibility enables easy packing with its flowable texture. The cream cheese will then need 16 to 24 hours to build to its finished texture when stored at 1-4°C (34-39°F).

As a clean label functional ingredient, Etenia™ can provide textural solutions for a variety of applications, from thickening milks to yogurt, 100% whey binding in to fresh. In addition, it can be used to improve creaminess in yogurt and reduced-fat applications, including ice cream. Etenia also functions well in low-fat cakes by retaining moisture, which reduces staling and extends shelf life, notes Finfrock. Etenia is truly a versatile clean label texturizer, with a wide variety of application opportunities available.

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By Paula Frank, Content Manager, Global Food Forums, Inc.