Criteria Used to Judge Technology Snapshot Submissions

Originally Published: August 13, 2020
Last Updated: September 29, 2022
Example of Technology Snapshot Form

Click on the image to see a larger version of the spreadsheet with instructions given to the Technology Snapshot Advisory Board members.

Global Food Forums’ Technology Snapshot Advisory Board members are given Technology Snapshot Submissions and related materials from submitting companies. They evaluate each Submission on seven different traits. The values given by each panelist are averaged with top scoring submissions invited to present at the Clean Label Conference. Criteria used to judge Technology Snapshot submissions are as follows.

Instructions to the panelists.

Rate the following ingredients on a scale of 1 to 10 on the strength of the following factors/characteristics. 1 = weak trait /less desirable;  10 =  strong trait / most desirable.

1.    Newness: When was it first marketed? Older ingredients with new applications also have strength. (Old = 1; New = 10)

2. Uniqueness: Does it have characteristics that differentiate it in the marketplace? (No = 1; Yes = 10)

3. Focused Information: Can useful, “how-to-use” information be provided in in 15 minutes. General overviews undesirable.  (Overview = 1; Focused=10)

4. Functional/Technical Benefit Details: Does the Submission Form provide useful technical details to help you make a decision? (No = 1; Yes = 10)
[NOTE: Sales brochures with little to no technical information on the ingredient are not helpful.]

5. Ingredient Legend Impact: Does it contribute to a shorter and/or more consumer- and export-friendly ingredient list?
How would/could be listed on a finished food’s ingredient statement? (Longer, complex listing = 1; simplified name=10)

6. Program Contribution: Will the presence of the ingredient on the program help draw R&D attendees?
Does it contribute to a well rounded program where a variety of functional ingredients are offered? For example, as the Technology Snapshot program is filled, a natural coloring would be rated as weaker if 50% of the presentations are already on colors and there are no preservatives, flavorings, sweeteners, gelling agents, stabilizers, dough conditions, shelf-life extenders, etc. (There are up to 18 speaker slots maximum.)

7. Impact on food industry: An ingredient may have a limited impact due to a very limited supply, very high cost (as may happen with a hand-crafted, highly specialized component or lack of FDA notification for GRAS) (Limited impact = 1; high impact = 10)

To see examples of Technology Snapshots (as permitted by the presenters) from Clean Label Conferences going back to 2013, please scroll down through our Clean Label Conference Library.

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